Design, quality, comfort

Le design, la qualité et le confort sont au cœur de JITENSHA. Sans compromis! Minimaliste, pur, sobre et french chic font le style JITENSHA. Nos vélos sont inspirés du Japon, designés en France et assemblés-main et sur commande dans notre atelier.

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Technology and style

JITENSHA est né de la culture Tokyoite du vélo urbain single speed: simple, léger, polyvalent et fiable. Maintenant, vous pouvez aussi choisir notre moyeu intégré à 2 vitesses "automatique" et notre moyeu électrique révolutionnaire connecté.

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JITENSHA is the naked bike, where each room plays for the look you give it: the type of handlebar with the color of the chain, rays, saddlery ... JITENSHA is completely customizable.

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Easy to use, with a pretty bluffing capacity, I'm already a fan of my Jitensha. Beyond purely technical aspects, it has a refined line and a first-rate aesthetics.




Daily cyclist in the Brussels urban jungle, my Jitensha constitutes my first experience on a singlespeed and it is a pure treat. I sneak in traffic, I swallow the slopes without difficulty and I discover a brand new way to get to a bike. Aesthetically, my chrome does not go unnoticed and it is not uncommon for me to be tackled by other road users to discuss my Jitensha while waiting for the fire to go green!



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