Product information

Jitensha bicycle frames and forks are made of high quality alloyed steel called “Double Butted Chromoly Steel”. Its better known as “Cr-Mo 4130”. Double butted means the tube thickness varies: Thicker at the main frame joints to increase strength and thinner on other sections to decrease weight where possible. The result is a great balance of light weight and durability.

All other parts are made of Aluminium Alloy 6061 (i.e Crankset, handle bars, seat tubes, …), Aluminium (wheel rims, pedals, …) and Microfiber (i.e saddles and bar tapes…).

To make our bike versatile and light weight for daily urban use, we are convinced the Cr-Mo 4130 specs are ideal. Carbon and Aluminium would be lighter, but a lot more fragile.

A single speed is a classic bike with only one speed, 2 breaks and a freewheel in the back. Our crank/sprocket ratio, 48T x 18T makes it a very versatile bike: you can go real fast, re-start easily when stopping at a light and go up-hill as well by pressing a bit harder on your legs.

We now offer 2-speed bikes as well as e-bikes. Discover here.

We know you wonder and are a bit anxious about this… Actually, why do you think people who ride the most in cities (messengers) use fixie or single speed bikes?

At Jitensha, we’ve discovered single speed recently and we simply love the riding experience. The freedom and ease of use of a single speed. It’s a totally different experience and once you have tried, its hard to go back to another bicycle.
They are awesome to ride, they are fast, they require no maintenance, and they are all about you, your legs, the city and your bike. Give it a try and you won’t regret.
– Ergonomic design and light weight (<10kg – a Velib weights 22kg) => speed and control,
– One speed => no maintenance, no skipping gears, no weird noises | 100% pleasure!
– You have 100% control on your ride!

Just focus on enjoying your ride without any technical hassle!

The key differences is you have a freewheel (in the back) and 2 breaks, so its like any other bike you have ridden before. You’ll be comfortable and feel good from the moment you get on it.

Of course, you can! We ride in Tokyo, Paris, New York, Geneva… ! Our crank/sprocket ratio, 48T x 18T makes it a very versatile bike. You’ll learn quickly how to optimize your routes and arrive at good speed at the bottom of a hill.

You’ll feel well from the moment you jump on it! And the more you ride it, the more you’ll love it. It’ll then be hard to go back to a bike with speeds.

The size of your frame is important to ensure a great riding experience. Yet, we understand most of us don’t know much about bicycle sizing. Please use the below chart to choose the right size. You will also find this on the shop pages when you order your JITENSHA.

Many adjustments can be made to ensure the perfect fit once you receive your bicycle: stem height, saddle height and position / distance to handle bar… We are always at your to help advise if you wish.

More informationhere.

No, our bicycles are only assembled with a free wheel single speed sprocket. However, our rear hub enables to replace the freewheel by a fixed sprocket.

From July 2018 onwards our wheels will be flip flop. Our wheels will be assembled in single speed by default. Id you like a fixie set-up please inform as when you order (notes sections of your order)

Yes, we do. Please contact us by email at for the moment if you need any of our spare parts. A section will be added shortly with all spare parts, some inspiring Japanese products and more bicycle accessories.

All JITENSHA bicycles are hand-assembled and tested in our Geneva workshop in Switzerland.

Jitensha’s curated set of components is sourced from the best suppliers/brands in the industry in Japan, Taiwan and France. It’s proprietary frame design is fabricated in a family owned facility in Taiwan, the world leader in high quality bicycles.

Jitensha parts have been carefully chosen to offer you the ideal mix of quality, design to make your riding experience a great one at the right price.

Distribution and Showrooms

JITENSHA is sold mainly online.
We are an independent brand and present our bikes in our Showrooms from Paris and Annecy.

Take RDV here.


All we payments are secure and carried out by Mollie.

Standard PCI-DSS Level 1

You can pay in CB, Visa, Mastercard, Sofort, Apple Pay, Paypal, 3x with Alma Transfer SEPA.

Your safety is at the heart of our priorities. We realize significant controls on our compliance with current standards and data storage. We have also set up a drastic selection process of our employees. These different measures allow us to ensure security, stability and reliability to users of our payment platform.

All payments are made in euros.


A votre porte ou dans l'un de nos showrooms à Paris, Annecy, Genève.

All our shipments are made by well known carriers (Geodis and France Express for bicycles, UPS and TNT for accessories and spare parts) to ensure a safe delivery to your door.
All orders and shipments have a tracking number to track the progress of your delivery in real time.
In Switzerland, we only use the services of Swiss Post.

We ship worldwide (except E-Bikes, only in Europe and Switzerland). If your country is not in the list, please contact us at service@JITENSHA .fr. For any specific request, we will find a solution.

France and Switzerland:
Delivery is offered in France and Switzerland for purchases over 150 € / 150 Frs.
Under 150 € / 150Frs, delivery charges are 10 €

Our shipping rates range from € 30 to € 150 depending on the destination + € 20 insurance for electric bikes.
The shipping costs are calculated in your cart, once the destination is confirmed.

International (outside the EU):
JITENSHA ‘s are shipped by plane with the TNT Urgent Business service.
We only ship traditional bicycles by air. E-bikes can not be sent by air, due to air traffic regulations on batteries.
The shipping costs are calculated in your cart, once the destination is confirmed.


Do I have to assemble my JITENSHA ?
Your JITENSHA is assembled to order in our workshop. Once the tests are done, the handlebars, front wheel and pedals are disassembled for shipping. You will re-assemble it easily in 10 minutes. You will find an assembly manual in your package. This operation is really simple and we will be happy to guide you on the phone if it helps you. The necessary tools (not supplied): a pair of scissors, a key alen of 6, a key alen of 5, a flat key of 15 (or an adjustable spanner).

Also, our service / maintenance partner, Cyclofix, who is trained on our products, can come to your home or the office, to assemble your JITENSHA completely and help you with the start of an E-JITENSHA E-bike application and connection with your smartphone). This service is charged 55 € for traditional bikes and 75 € for E-bikes (if you ask the technician to link your bike to your smartphone – its really simple and cab be done alone). This service is available in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Nantes and Rennes. Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse will benefit from this service from September 2019.

Finally, you can in any other case, go to a cycle workshop to ask him to assemble.

In any case, rest assured, the assembly of the saddle, pedals, handlebars (to insert in the steering tube and tighten) and the front wheel, are operations within the reach of all.

Link to assembly instructions

Vous pouvez à Paris, Annecy et Genève, choisir la livraison dans nos showrooms.

Vous pourrez repartir sur votre JITENSHA!


JITENSHA guarantees each new bike against any material or manufacturing defect for 2 years.
The E-JITENSHA engine and battery have a 2 year warranty. The battery also has a 30,000km warranty and 1,000 charge cycles.

Note: Your warranty will only be processed if you have a valid receipt for your purchase. The warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.
This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of defective parts, or a defective frame, and is the sole remedy of the warranty.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by misuse, accidents, improper handling or assembly, and maintenance or installation of accessories and parts.

You can contact us by any means (see contact section and company information in the FAQ) so that we take care of you.

Service is very important in JITENSHA ‘s DNA. Our Japanese influence drives our top notch service and quality approach. We are proud to offer a very upscale customer experience and service. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

We have established a partnership with Cyclofix – – in 8 French cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Nantes and Rennes) and 3 to come in September 2019 (Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse) for service and maintenance of JITENSHA bicycles. Cyclofix technicians are trained on our bikes and technologies.
Cyclofix moves to your home or office. All over. They are cycle technicians licensed by the state, who travel by cargo bike.
Cyclofix keeps a stock of JITENSHA parts allowing them to very quickly solve all the potential problems.
If your JITENSHA is under warranty, we take the repairs at our expense. Cyclofix charges us directly.

Cyclofix also offers, for 55 €, to assemble your bike when you receive it at home, if you are not at ease with doing it yourself.

We manufacture all JITENSHA ‘s on demand and have all the parts composing your JITENSHA in stock. We can instantly ship them (if you wish) or ship them to the cyclofox technician if needed.

In Annecy and Geneva, we welcome you every day of the week and the weekend (Geneva only), by appointment, to perform all types of repairs and service on your JITENSHA .
In Basel, our reseller, Voyage Cycling Store, also welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday, without appointment.

In all other cities, you can go to most cycle shops to make repairs or adjustments. If your JITENSHA is under warranty, we will take the repairs to our charge upon presentation of an invoice. Please inform us of the quotation before making the repair.

Specificities of the after-sales service for E-JITENSHA , electric bikes:
All of the above applies to E-JITENSHA .

In addition, thanks to iOS and Android App connected in Bluetooth to your JITENSHA , we are able to make a remote diagnosis to analyze your engine.
2 types of problems:
– Software problem: remotely, we are able to “reset” your engine to correct possible inconsistencies between the engine and the application.
– Hardware problem: for material repairs, our technicians in Annecy and Geneva are trained and have the necessary parts to replace any part of your engine. In the “Cyclofix cities” (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Nantes and Rennes (and 3 to come in September 2019: Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse), Cyclofix technicians will be authorized from 1 October 2019 to repaired the engines. – If your engine is under warranty and a more consequent repair (or a complete replacement of the wheel) is necessary we pay 100% of transport costs. We have an agreement with 100 Mail Boxes Etc. stores in France, and we will send you a label to return the complete wheel (which is disassembled with a flat key of 17, in 5 minutes and without any technical skill). If you do not want to pack the wheel yourself, and you are close to an MBE center, they will do it for you.

JITENSHA requires minimal maintenance. Aside from inflating your tires and greasing your chain if necessary, you will not have to worry much about maintenance. For its longevity, we recommend that you park your JITENSHA as much as possible in a dry place. Give it a little luster with a soft cloth as often as you like.
In case of problems with your JITENSHA , we can deliver all the parts of a JITENSHA very quickly.
The quality of the parts, reliability of our offer and the simplicity of JITENSHA significantly limit the risk of problem JITENSHA , they are quality parts and their specifications are “standard” which means that you can replace most parts in any repair cycle or you even if you prefer.

We are delighted to supply all original spare parts to our customers. Contact us for a list of spare parts prices.

In cities where Cyclofix operates (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Nantes and Rennes – from September 2019, Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse), you can also call on Cyclofix technicians who will come to your home or your office to maintain or repair your bike.

In Annecy and Geneva, we welcome you every day of the week and the weekend (Geneva only), by appointment, to perform all types of repairs on your JITENSHA .
In Basel, our reseller, Voyage Cycling store also welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday, without appointment.

Transport of spare parts:
We have a partnership with a transport company, which has branches all over Europe (around 100 in France), which allows us to efficiently manage all parts flows when needed.


Le client dispose de quatorze jours à compter de la réception du produit pour exercer son droit de rétractation sans avoir à justifier de motifs ou à payer des pénalités, à l'exception, le cas échéant, des frais de retour.

Le droit de rétractation peut être exercé auprès de JITENSHA selon les modalités définies ci-après.. Si le droit de rétractation est exercé dans le délai précité, seul le prix du (des) produit(s) acheté(s) sera remboursé, les frais de retour seront supportés par le client.
Après communication de la décision du client d'exercer son droit de rétractation dans le délai de 14 jours, le client d'un nouveau délai de 14 jours pour renvoyer le ou les produits concernés par la rétractation. Les retours des produits doivent être effectués dans leur état d'origine, neufs et complets (emballage, accessoires, notice...) afin qu'ils puissent être re-commercialisés dans un nouvel État ; Ils doivent être accompagnés d'une copie du récépissé d'achat. Si le produit reçu ne correspond pas à la commande passée, le client peut, dans le délai de rétractation, retourner le produit.
Le vendeur rembourse l'acheteur ou échange les produits défectueux ou ne correspond pas à la commande faite. Contactez-nous à pour exercer votre droit de rétractation.

En cas de dépréciation du produit résultant de manipulations autres que celles nécessaires pour établir la nature, les caractéristiques et le bon fonctionnement du produit, la responsabilité du client peut être engagée.

Modalités d'exercice du droit de rétractation

Pour exercer le droit de rétractation, conformément aux dispositions légales, le client peut utiliser le formulaire-type de rétractation qui figure en annexe des présentes CGV. Il est à adresser par email à ou par voie postale à l'adresse suivante : JITENSHA 9 rue des Terrasses, 74960 Annecy, en exprimant la volonté de se rétracter sans ambiguïté, et mentionnant la commande concernée par cette rétractation.

Une fois le formulaire de rétractation envoyé à JITENSHA au plus tard dans les 14 jours suivant la réception de votre commande, vous devez renvoyer le ou les produits concernés à JITENSHA, au plus tard, dans les 14 jours à compter de l'envoi du formulaire de rétractation à JITENSHA.

Le client est libre de choisir le mode d'envoi de son produit et de souscrire ou non une assurance en cas de perte, de vol ou de destruction de son colis. JITENSHA ne prend en charge aucun de ces frais ni le coût du transport et ne saurait être tenu pour responsable de la non réception du colis du client. JITENSHA conseille au client d'opter pour un envoi suivi du colis. De manière générale, tous les frais et risques liés au retour du produit sont à la charge du client.

Pour les produits ne pouvant nous être renvoyés par la Poste en raison de leur nature et/ou de leur taille, une estimation des frais de retours auprès d'un transporteur, peut-etre évaluée entre 100 et 150€ pour la France (continentale).

Sur demande JITENSHA peut organiser ce transport moyennant facturation du montant ci-dessus.

Cette estimation de frais de retour n'engage pas JITENSHA. Le prix à payer pour le renvoi de votre produit pourra varier suivant le transporteur que vous aurez choisi pour renvoyer votre produit.

In case of d 'exercise of the right of withdrawal, JITENSHA shall refund the sums paid (including delivery charges) within 14 days from the date on which JITENSHA recovers the product or the customer provided proof of the#x27, the date chosen being that of the first of those facts. JITENSHA reimbursements according to the same means of payment as the one used for the order. JITENSHA n 'is not required to reimburse additional costs if the customer has chosen a more expensive delivery method than the standard delivery method offered by JITENSHA.

Products returned in a non-compliant state will not be reimbursed by JITENSHA.

Contact and company information

We can contact you through various channels and respond to your request 24 / 48.

Tel: France + 33 1 82 88 03 85 | Switzerland + 41 22 518 87 09
Facebook Messenger:
Instagram: .fr/?hl

Jitensha is a two-year start-up with offices and workshops in Annecy, France and Geneva, Switzerland.
We assemble and deliver bicycles to France and L & # x27; The European Union is in Annecy, Switzerland and the rest of the world is in Geneva.
We are proud to produce a limited number of bicycles, provide personalized services to real people, and pay special attention to details.

France: jitensha SAS
RCS 848 256 707
Whistle 848 256 707 00011.
VAT: en 62 848256707

Air brake jitensha
9 Rue des Terrasses,Cran Gevrier
74960 anasi
+33 1 82 88 03 85

Switzerland: jitensha s á RL
Ide Jitensha Sárl:CHE-487.531.000
VAT: che-487.531.000 VAT
3 Buis Street
1202 Geneva
Switzerland (Switzerland)
+41 22 518 87 09

If you want to know our history, visit the "e; section. Story: quote; From the website!

Special requests, corporate sales program

We are always happy to discuss any special request or project you may have! So please don’t hesitate to email us at

If you want JITENSHA for your employees to commute to work and to promote a healthy, softer and cleaner transportation mode, we will be happy to assist you in developing your personal fleet of Jitensha bicycles.


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