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JITENSHA offers a revolutionary and lightweight (13kg) eBIKE system, respecting minimalist style of JITENSHA bikes: no external battery, no switches or cables.

It's all integrated with the rear wheel hub. Charge is obtained via a standard plug and is expanded by the energy regeneration system, recharging the battery in free wheel or when going downhill.

Weighting 3kg, the Zehus All In One Gen 2 hub, delivers with natural and efficiency a unique sensation in the world of eBIKES.


JITENSHA is the bike in its simplest form and the easiest way to get around town: a single speed bike, with brakes for stopping and a freewheel for strolling .

No skipping chain, no calculation to choose the right speed, no noise: total and immediate control, maximum reliability, minimum maintenance. The JITENSHA single speed experience will change the way you move and ride a bike.


Now you can have a JITENSHA with speeds! Simple, reliable. Its fully integrated to the back wheel. Just focus on the road.

It has no external shifter, so your JITENSHA will keep its minimal style and since it’s fully integrated, it does not require any maintenance or adjustment. “Automatic” means you the gears shift automatically at 18km/h. It’s that simple, durable and reliable. 138% Ratio.

Customize your bike to your image


100% secure payment

Bank cards (payment in 1X, 3X or 10X with Alma), Paypal, bank transfer.

Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks

We deliver our e-bikes all over Europe and our traditional bikes by air anywhere in the world.

Created & hand-assembled in Europe

Each JITENSHA is assembled on demand then tested in our workshop in Annecy.


We are available to answer your questions by chat, email or phone.